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How to make money from your blogs traffic

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We will be talking about how to make money from your blog traffic with this simple tool “”, you can actually make money when someone visits your site through a specific link created with

Have you heard of If “NO” then i will tell you more about as we progress and I will also tell you how to easily make money with

For the Benefit of those who have not heard of adf,ly here is what it means nd how it works.

ABOUT ADF.LY is an advert network and also a URL(link) shrinking tool. On you get paid to share the links you shrinked on their platform and when a visitor clicks on the link you shared, you earn money. Awesome right?

There are even some features on you need to know:
* You earn money and you also get traffic to your site.
* You can also earn even if you dont have a website at hand.
* You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you hit $5 (five dollars) instantly.
* Your can withdraw to your Paypal Account Or Payoneer Account or any wallet for accepting payments

How it works
Like i said earlier, is a URL shortner or shrinker and it rewards the publishers of the shortened link with 50% commission of the advertising revenue.

They have two categories of members which are the Publishers and Advertisers. Since you want to make money with your blog traffic from you need to register as a publisher.
When a visitor clicks your link they will view a full page advertisement for only 5 seconds then they will get an option to either skip the advert and continue to the intended website.

Now down to what we have been waiting for, lets learn how we can easily start making money with your blog traffic. I wil give you a guide below on how this is done and i promise to make this guide easy to understand. So lets ride along:

NOTE: Make sure you keep this Tab open and active, open a new tab for the process and follow the step by step guide as written below

1.Register or sign up with Adfly:
To register click Here then locate the “Join Now” button and click on it then fill in all the required details under Account type, select the first option which is “Link Shrinker; create shortened URL’s and earn money” then hit the Join button there.

After a successful sign up you will be asked to verify your email address so as to activate your account.

2. Verify your email address:
After registration a confirmation mail with the title “Account Confirmation With” will be sent to the email address used for the registration. You will have to confirm that you own the email address you signed up with so when you see this mail, click on it to open then copy the activation key and then click on the comfirmation webpage and paste in the provided form and click on confirm registration.

If you successfully confirmed your account then, you are a step closer to make money from your blog traffic.

3. Shrink your link on
Copy any post link from your website or blog, then login to your account and shrink/shorten the link.

4. Share your link and earn:
Now you have your shrinked link, all you have to do now is to copy and share your link on your social media platforms and every other platform you get visitors from and start earning whenever someone clicks on it. I urge you to share on facebook, reddit and twitter especially

Your can repeat the shrinking and sharing process on as many post links as possible to continue and increase earnings.

If you followed the steps above then i believe you have already started earning from now. You can go ahead and let your friends know about and how to earn from it, just use the share buttons.

If you also know another way to earn from your traffic, or you encountered any problem while following the steps please post it in the comment section below. I would love to help and also learn from you because we all learn daily.




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