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Twitter Gives Itself A New Look And Users Weren’t Happy

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Twitter has given itself a main redesign, necessarily inviting alot of compliant from its famously-opinionated customers.

Updates to the social community’s iOS and Android apps, internet site and TweetDeck carrier introduced on Thursday inclusive of new fonts, bolder headlines and new menus, not to mention circular profile photos.

At the same time as this will appear totally regular, Twitter customers are notoriously cranky and vocal approximately about the modifications. A brand new algorithmic timeline introduced last year and a redesigned reply device in March each triggered a deadly complaints, before all of us calmed down and were given used to them.

The modifications Twitter is making on Thursday include:

• A font remodel along with bolder phase headlines, which Twitter says makes it appearance more steady.

• Circular profile photographs, in preference to the square ones we were given used to

• A brand new profile section on iPhone, discovered by way of pressing your profile picture within the pinnacle left of the app as opposed to within the bar across the bottom

• A speech bubble as opposed to the curved arrow for replying to somebody and small adjustments to the like and retweet icons

• Live updates to retweet and like counts, so you can watch them go up in actual-time on mobile apps

• Changes to how tweets with pics are displayed while opened, making them full screen and which includes the tweet itself as opposed to the picture.

• Hyperlinks to internet pages opened through Twitter on its iOS app can even open in a model of Safari, rather than Twitter’s personal net viewer.

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• Twitter stated the changes could be brought over the approaching days and weeks from Thursday, and that the remodel will make it faster and less difficult to apply.

“Nowadays, with masses of feedback and thoughts from you, we’ve clean our product too and making it sense lighter, faster, and less complicated to use. We listened closely and kept what you adore. And for the stuff you didn’t, we took a brand new approach to restoration and make better,” stated Grace Kim, Twitter’s head of consumer studies and layout.

The backlash got here thick and rapid, with the hashtag #NewTwitter soon trending. The largest grievance turned into that Twitter had now not delivered a way to edit your tweets.



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