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Join Admingle, Become An Influencer And Get Paid

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How would you like to take the ads probably from television and then print it online and out of home; and publish them yourself to make profit?

AdMingle does this by bringing brands and users(influencers) under the same roof. Now you may choose to spread the word of the brands you love all over your social media timeline and turn your passion into profit!

adMingle enables brands to reach their desired audience at any time that is suitable for the ad to be seen or heard. This will enable them to maintain powerful communication with the audience, attracting more like minded people to their content and thus enhancing brand value.

How To Use Admingle
Sign in or register via ADMINGLE (Not a referral link).

Enter your username and password or you can sign in using the Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus button.

If this is your first sign in to your adMingle account, try and connect your social media accounts that you will use to share the campaigns and make some money.

You are now on your dashboard, lets have some fun.

Approve & Share the campaigns.

On the top left of the screen you will see a menu, Click on campaigns.

Select awaiting approval to see list of campaigns available.

Select the campaign that you wish to share

Read the conditions of that particular campaign, what it is about and the remuneration.

Decide if you want to use the message already created to share it or create your own message.

Approve the campaign and share.

You can now select the social network you wish to share the campaign.

Thanks for reading and happy money making.



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