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Toy Making Inappropriate Jokes Goes Viral on TikTok

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One mother has shared her horrifying experience with a children’s toy that takes jokes a bit too far, and shared the upsetting experience with her baby’s toy in a new viral video that has been posted on TikTok.

The toy was a Christmas present for her 9-month old son that was given to him by his grandmother who purchased it at Walmart, and the colorful make-believe television remote control is made by the Linsay toy company.

Ashley Lynn (mamabearash) was shocked when hearing what some of the voice plays that the toy had, including one that prompted her to say that the toy “just said something about a drive-by shooting.”

Later in the video she revealed more of the jokes, with one apparently about Catholic priests –  “It’s ‘a kid’s toy.’ There’s a baby on the box” she says.

In another joke, the toy says “Tom told his friend his brother has a job with 10,000 people under him. He cuts the grass in a cemetery.”

The last joke shared is probably the most shocking – “You’ll never guess what makes a clip clop, clip clop, bang bang, clip clop, clip clop, bang bang? An Amish drive by shooting” which prompted Ashley to call out the store and the toymaker – “Walmart, explain this. Linsay Toys, explain this.”

Walmart issued the following statement via Fox News Digital – “This item was listed by an outside third-party seller and removed from our site because it does not comply with our prohibited products policy. Like other major retailers, we operate an online marketplace that allows third-party sellers to offer merchandise through our eCommerce platform. Walmart strives to maintain a marketplace that customers can trust.”

You can check out the viral video here.

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