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YouTube Adds New Analytics Updates Focusing on Shorts Content

youtube shorts news

YouTube has officially announced a range of new analytics and display options in their very first Creator Insider update of 2023, which includes a new report on subscriber growth data as well as Shorts thumbnails and more.

YouTube will be implementing a new element to YouTube Studio which will display a breakdown of subscribers gained by each content type, which will provide much more context on the performance of a particular video.

By YouTube now making this date upfront, it makes the user experience much easier and gives them important data quicker, and is clearly setup to boost their Shorts feature, as they look to continue to grow the short form video feature.

YouTube is also adding a new display of what content your audience is watching across format types on the YouTube Studio mobile app.

According to YouTube: “To see this card, go to studio analytics, audience tab, and filter videos your audience watches by content type. The goal is to give creators a better understanding of what types of content their audience is watching to help with inspiration and keep an eye on what is happening in their space. This may be especially insightful for formats a creator has not tried yet or does not publish often. For example, shorts, live, et cetera, et cetera.”

Additionally, YouTube is revising it’s member recognition shelf display, in another nod to their focus on Shorts.

“We’re now experimenting with extending the member recognition shelf to video descriptions on mobile where it would be part of the info card section. The goal is to increase new member signups. Creators will have the option to disable the member recognition shelf in description in studio.”

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