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TikToker Joey Swoll Goes Viral For Defending Man in Gym

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TikTok content creator Joey Swoll, who is also a well known for being one of the more popular fitness content creators, saw one of his latest posts go viral as he defended a man in a controversial gym video.

Swoll replied to Twitch streamer Jessica49’s TikTok that went viral and spared debate. In her video Jessica49 was working out at the gym and was reacting to a man glancing at her at the gym, expressing her discomfort and calling him a “stupid f*** piece of s***”, a video that Swoll commented on.

“If you watch the video, he sees that you struggle putting plates on the other side” Swoll said in the TikTok video response. “Now, any experienced lifter knows that when you have a barbell on the ground, it’s very difficult to put plates on. He sees that you struggled, being an experienced lifter he comes over and tries to help you, ’cause that’s what kind people do.”

“It’s sad to see you took an act of kindness, this man doing something for you, being kind, and turned him into a creep at the gym” he continued. “Talking about how you want to rip his reproductive organ off so he can’t reproduce and that natural selection should take him out. Really?

“Trying to make yourself out to be a victim, which you’re not. There are women harassed at gyms, you’re not one of them. You need to do better.”

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